What do I need to bring?2019-03-18T13:14:06+00:00

You will need a towel and a complete change of clothes including footwear that has closed toes and stays on your feet for all sessions. No flip-flops or Crocs!

Clothes that are quick drying and thermal are best, please avoid wearing cotton clothes they cold and heavy when wet.

How do I get there?2019-03-18T13:08:26+00:00

Kayaking London is just off the Chelsea embankment. The easiest way to get to Cremorne Riverside Centre, is by train to Imperial Wharf Overground, or by bus; any of the buses which cross Battersea Bridge, or visit the Worlds End Kings Road stop to bring you to within a five minute walk. Sloane Square or Fulham Broadway tube stations are both about a 20 minute walk.

You can secure your bike to the railings on our private pier. Nearby street parking is free on Sundays, however we would not recommend driving, as the bridges and surrounding roads are often heavily congested.

Will I get wet?2019-03-18T13:08:57+00:00

We use a variety of highly stable kayaks which prevent accidental capsizes, but kayaking is a water contact sport.

Will I need to rent equipment, or is it provided?2019-03-18T13:13:12+00:00

All of our high quality specialist equipment, including splash proof outer clothing, buoyancy aids, paddles and boats are available for your comfort and safety during tours at no extra cost.

Do I need experience?2019-03-18T13:09:51+00:00

You do not need any prior experience to take part in tours. The staff are always on hand to help guide you on paddling when kayaking.

Is the water dirty?2019-03-18T13:15:38+00:00

The River Thames is the cleanest inner city river in Europe, and is now home to over a hundred species of fish. The herons and cormorants you will see on your visit are all a good sign that the water quality is improving, however, there is still work to be done.

During periods of very heavy rainfall, waste water which has not been fully treated is sometimes released into the Thames as a last resort. We are notified immediately of these releases, and cancel sessions if the water quality poses a hazard.

Many people use the Thames regularly for recreation, and a mild Thames Tummy is usually the only consequence of spending too long underwater!

Can I bring children?2019-03-18T13:16:11+00:00

We are passionate about getting people of all ages and abilities into kayaking. However, the Thames and Canal tours are just for those that are over 18yrs.

Please get in touch if you would like more details on our youth club sessions at Canalside Centre.

Do you sell gift vouchers?2019-03-18T13:11:02+00:00

Nothing is better than the gift of the outdoors, but we are unfortunately unable to sell gift vouchers.